PFP Services offer a range of engine services from providing spare parts to engine servicing, tuning, maintenance and advice. Our main areas of experties are in Honda CR250, Rotax 256 engine and its modern replicas, 125cc SGM,TM,Pavesi and most 250 motox engines.


Rotax 256 & Replicas

PFP Services can supply rotax engine spares. We can service your engine, tune and give you advise were applicable.


Honda CR250

A full Honda development plan is always in progress to give customers that little edge that is required at the top in racing. Full spares services and engine service is available at competetive prices.


125 OPEN

Engine tuning, rebuild and spares for most makes of 125cc engine including SGM, Pavesi,TM,

Mac Minarelli 125 and Rotax 124,128,129 models.


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