Race Results

Below are some race results of drivers/teams using PFP parts.

Trevor Roberts 250 National 2014 English Champion- Raider Karts,PFP Honda,PFP Exhaust

Kirk Cattermole 125 Open 2014 English Champion, Darley Lap record- Raider Karts and PFP Exhaust,

Lee Stamp 250 National ABKC S4 2014 Champion- PFP Prepared Honda and PFP Exhaust

Chris Needham 125 Open 2014 BSA champion,GP and O plate- PFP Exhaust

Kirk Cattermole 250 National MSUK E plate 2021-22

Kirk Cattermole 250 National MSUK GP champion 2022

Jack Bliss 250 National S4 Champion 2021-22

Jack Bliss 250 National MSUK O plate champion 2021-22

Jack Bliss 250 National MSUK E plate champion 2023

Lee Stamp 250 S4 champion 2023

Jack Bliss New lap records Fulbeck 37.8  Shenington 33.4

Shenington S4

Ron Stamp finished 2nd and Ashley Mack 3rd in final of the first round of the S4 at Shenington

Nogaro European Champs R1

Lee Morgan finished 9th on only his 2nd Div1 drive

2007 Div 1 result

Sachsenring European round Phil Featherstone finished 4th in race 1 and 3rd in race 2 after leading the first lap from grid 7.

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