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PFP Services offer a wide range of engineering solutions for British and european karting from the smallest parts to complete karts.

Raider Superkarts for those who want quality

Exhausts for Karts,Motorcyles,Cross Karts and many more.

New product from PFP- Yamaha RD200 exhausts

Engine tuning and servicing .

Full welding and machining service, Full CNC turning and milling

New 2021 Development of the KTM sx250 engine for 250 Superkarts

2022 PFP Services took on the challenge to manufacture in house Billet CR250 crankcases, the only MSUK registered replacement cases.

   Raider Karts 2021-23 250 national short circuit champions

 Raider Karts 2021-22 250 national O plate 

 2021-23 250 national E plate

 2022 MSUK GP 250 national








                                            34 years of Raider Karts

 125 Vortex/SGM/TM exhausts won all L/C titles in 2014

and 2015 GP, E and UK cup


Congratulations to  Kirk Cattermole(125open)

on winning the MSA British E plate championship

for the third year and the Stars of Darley for the

fourth consecutive year using the latest Raider kart and PFP exhaust.

                   Congratulations to Francois Kishtoo on winning the BSA Cup Championship


                             Kirk Cattermole Stars of Darley 125 Open winner for the fifth consecutive year   

RAIDER Karts the kart to beat the REST

 buy the best


Congratulations to Kirk Cattermole, Chris Needham, Trevor Roberts, Alan Crossen and

Johnathan Bell all using PFP exhausts on Iame screamer 125 or Vortex engines

taking 1sts,2nds,3rds,4ths and 5ths 


Jack Bliss 2nd 250 National Super 4 championship

using Raider Kart, PFP Honda and PFP exhaust


Kirk Cattermole 250 National Long circuit MSUK E plate

using Raider Kart and PFP Exhaust on his Cat TM

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